Job Opening for Office Manager/Secretary 


Grace Lutheran Church (LCMS), Waterloo, IA is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Office Manager/Secretary. The job of Office Manager/Secretary exists to provide office management assistance to the Pastor(s) and staff of Grace Lutheran Church so that the church office may be effectively administrated. The Office Manager/Secretary shall supervise the church office, conduct church record keeping and complete such tasks as defined by the “Office Procedures and Priorities Manual” and as directed by the Pastor.  The Office Manager/Secretary will also perform the Bookkeeping duties for Grace Lutheran Church.  Desirable qualities include a liking for people; an ability to meet people easily; a friendly, pleasant, positive attitude; faithfulness and loyalty; the ability to keep confidences absolutely; initiative; self-organization and attention to detail; willingness and ability to follow job outlines; viewing this job as a permanent rather than temporary or in-between; trainability.

Desirable skills include basic computer knowledge and desire to learn church related programs; minimum 40 wpm typing skills; familiarity with operation of duplicating equipment; a basic understanding of record-keeping and filing procedures; basic accounting/bookkeeping skills. Experience in a Church Office Manager position is preferred.  Knowledge of Quick Books is also preferred. 

Please send inquiries and resumes to or call 319-235-6705 for more information.

Although the current Office Manager/Secretary job was the combination of Secretary and Bookkeeper when Sarah took the job in 2018, the Board of Elders would consider splitting the jobs.  Both would be part-time and salaries will be discussed with potential candidates.  Our estimate is that the Secretary position would entail 25-30 hours a week and that the job requires the candidate to be at the Church office 5 days a week.  We estimate the Bookkeeper position would entail 8-10 hours a week and can be performed away from the church if desired. The job will require coming the church office at least once a week to pick up required correspondence. This job will take the candidate some time to learn and become efficient at, so in the beginning it may take a few more hours per week.

Please see the requirements listed above.  If interested in either position, please follow instructions above for inquiring about the jobs.