Grace Lutheran Church was organized on April 18, 1937 by members of the American Lutheran Church. They were served for a short time by a pastor of the American Lutheran Church who left them in March of 1938. At this time they applied for membership in the Missouri Synod and the Rev. W.D. Oetting of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo served as a vacancy pastor.

The Rev. A. E. Krause was called and installed as pastor on June 26, 1938. At this time there were 59 baptized members of which 39 were communicants. In August of 1939 the congregation was accepted into membership with the Missouri Synod. Under the leadership of Pastor Krause, the first church building with a seating capacity of 120 was erected along with a two story parsonage. A Sunday School and Adult Bible Class were started, a Senior Choir was formed and the Ladies Aid and Married Couples Club were organized. Pastor Krause was given a peaceful release on January 24, 1944.

The Rev. L.E. Schember was installed as pastor on March 15, 1944. The congregation numbered 200 baptized members of which 142 were communicants and 21 voting members. The congregation sold the first church building to Concordia Lutheran Church in Waterloo and began excavation for a new church building.  Because of restrictions imposed by the Civilian Production Administration, only the basement could be constructed at that time were in services were conducted. Walter League, Men's Club and Vacation Bible School were added to the congregation's program. Pastor Schember delivered his farewell sermon on January 2, 1949.

On March 20, 1949 the Rev. W. H. Becker was installed as the third pastor. Now the congregation has grown to 356 baptized members of which 248 were communicants and 59 voting members. On September 25, 1950 the congregation voted to erect the superstructure of the church, and it was dedicated on June 24, 1951. it had a seating capacity of 300 people. During this time, the Lydia Circle and the Sewing Circle was formed.   On January 8, 1956 Pastor Becker accepted a call to another parish. 

The Rev. M.W. Bergmann as installed on March 4, 1956.  The congregation has grown to 446 baptized souls of which 280 were communicants and 50 voting members.   June of 1958, construction began for a new educational building and the exterior of the church was finished in stone-faced brick.  These were dedicated to the glory of God on November 23, 1958. Additional properties in the immediate vicinity were purchased to provide parking and room for future expansion. The Vicar and Parish Worker programs were begun and a part-time secretary was employed to help the pastor.  In February on 1963 a two manual Schantz Pipe Organ was dedicated. Organized during these years were the scouting program, the Youth League, Dorcas Circle and Junior Children's  Choir. 

In 1965 the congregation began study for the erection of a new church building. In the spring of 1968 ground was broken for the new edifice and construction began, eventually culminating in the new place of worship which we dedicated in June of 1969 to the Glory of God. 

Pastor Bergmann was granted a peaceful release to accept a call to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He delivered his final sermon on March 16, 1969. On April 13, 1969 the Rev. Edgar C. Kruse was extended the divine call to serve Grace. He was installed as Pastor on May 28, 1969.

Pastor Jerry Doellinger was called to be the associate pastor at Grace on May 26, 1971. He was ordained on June 25, 1972 at Trinity Lutheran in Columbus, Ohio and was installed at Grace in 1972 and served until 1974 when he received a call to Our Savior Lutheran in Newton, Iowa. 

Mr. Charles Fischer was called to Grace as its first Director of Christian Education and was installed on Sunday, July 27, 1975. He served until June 1977 when he resigned and took a call to Nashville, Illinois. Mr. Bruce Boyce was elected to become Grace's second Director of Christian Education and served in that capacity until he received his education and degree. 

In January, 1978, Pastor Bert Eggers was called to be the associate pastor at Grace. 

Pastor Edgar C. Kruse resigned May 23, 1980 to enter private business and preached his farewell sermon in June of 1980.

Pastor Bert Eggers delivered his farewell sermon in January, 1983 as he had accepted a call to serve Peace Lutheran Church in Saginaw, Michigan. 

Rev. Michael Warner was installed as Senior pastor in September of 1983. Rev. Jack Cascione was installed in March, 1984 as Associate Pastor.

In August of 1984 Mr. Boyce was released from his duties as Director of Christian Education to return to Ft. Wayne for full time studies in preparation for full time work as an ordained minister.

Rev. Jack M. Cascione accepted a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church in Lakewood, Ohio in April of 1985 and Rev. Warner resigned December 31, 1985 to enter a counseling practice. 

Pastor Randolph W. McHone served as vacancy pastor at that time and then accepted the call as senior pastor at Grace. He was installed on July 13, 1986.  In May 1987, Pastor Sigmund Hillmer was called as Pastor of Special Ministries. He assists the Senior Pastor and the congregation in conducting various ministries to meet the overall missions of Grace congregation, during the spring, summer and autumn months. During the winter months, Pastor Hillmer and his wife serve the Lord in Florida. In September 1987, Mr. Jerold Markin was installed as Minister of Education and Youth.

On June 12, 1988- Grace celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

On June, 1989 a Mortgage Burning Service of Thanksgiving was held as the debt on the new sanctuary was completed.

After several years of partnering ministry with our sister congregation, Immanuel- Grace committed to continue its efforts of ministry in the present location with the purchase of several adjoining lots. Ground breaking on the new facility took place on May 10, 1992, construction began on May 25, 1992 and dedication of the Center of Faith and Life structure tool place on October 24, 1993; which included 4 new offices, kitchen, multipurpose room (gym) , an elevator lift to existing areas in the facility, etc.

Rev. Gregory Sawyer was installed as Assistant Pastor on January 29, 1995. He was granted a peaceful release on July 23, 1996.

Rev. John Moore was installed as Associate Pastor on October 19, 1997. He was granted a peaceful release on August 1, 2002.

Sigmund Hillmer, our Pastor of Special Ministries went to be with the Lord on  April 23, 2007.

Pastor Randolph McHone retired from public ministry at Grace on October 31, 2015. Rev. Thomas Wegener served as our vacancy pastor after his leave until Rev. Justin D. Kane accepted the Call to serve as Pastor and was installed on April 17, 2016.